Main Services

Website Design

When it comes to building a website, it has to be build around you and your company. If it doesnt reflect who you are and what you are about then don't bother building it. We offer sites that are Responsive and adjust to all different sizes of devices and still look clean. Keepin it simple means being able to find what you are looking for in 3 clicks or less. Thats vital to keeping your clients on your site.

Computer Repair & Builds

Computer Repair, Upgrades, Transfering data from one computer to the new one is right up our alley. Maybe its time to upgrade and you want something built or for us to find something in your price range that would suit your needs. Need more Ram in your PC or a second hard drive added? We are here for you and your needs.

Graphic Design

We have access to world class Graphic Designers. The guys and gals that work with us will create the logo you want and not stop till we have what you want and like. After all, a company logo will be everywhere, shirts, pens, buisness cards. It has to represent you!

Social Media Marketing

Thinking about building a FaceBook page for your business? Maybe starting a Twitter page/feed. We can help you get started and stay on the straight and narrow. After all, social media is a great way to reach out to your clients and keep them updated to promotions and marketing blitz's that were able to help you design and impliment.

Webhosting & Domains

When you have a website, you want to make sure you have a place to store the data and share it with the world right? Absolutely!!! We offer competitively priced hosting plans, back up options for those "whoops" moments when your editing your site and you deleted the wrong files. We are there for you for a minimal fee we can restore your site to a previously backed up copy.


"TGM Networks helped me reach new markets online. As a small business owner I can tell you big box fears are no joke. My shop doesn't get the traffic and attention with a wide range of merchandise options available at department stores, but custom high quality upcycled merchandise is far from out of style. My shop just couldn't continue offline anymore. I almost lost my business. TGM Networks helped me to reach those in the market for my unique goods online. Now business is even better than it ever was before."

- Sandy Hammond

"Customers kept asking if I could take credit cards, but I didn't know where to even start with all the different options out there. TGM Networks was able to cut through all the information and find me an option that worked for my needs without costing me a lot of extra money. Not only did it keep my customers happy, expanding payment methods increased sales! I'm looking forward to working with TGM Networks to expand my business to the Internet next."

- John Karrin

"Keeping up with all our computer equipment and updates was just too much hastle. We struggled with data loss on failed updates, and our company didn't have a solid plan for hardware maintenance. We didn't want a disconnected tech firm putting us on a managed schedule that fit into their business plan. TGM Networks provided us with options that other companies hadn't considered. They worked with our schedule to set up automated backups and updates to ensure things always run smooth. Then the best part, at the service level we chose they test the fuction after updates to ensure that staff have a seamless transition with no lost of productivity. Nothing beats the personal service plan TGM Networks provided. They are a valued part of our business opperations."

- Maya Freid