About Us


TGM Networks, LLC has over 20+ years of experience! We are a Microsoft Certified Reseller that can offer you the right product for the right situation. We have flexible hours to serve your needs during both Daytime as well as Nighttime hours. We specialize in Website Design along with Graphic Design to bring your ideas to life…

When it comes to thinking out of the box and coming up with a plan for your needs, we have the skill and know how to make it happen. We have the ability to give you more than just one option and we won’t attempt to break the bank in the process. We work with the latest and greatest operating systems as well as the older versions so you don’t have to worry about upgrading until you’re ready or need to.

Why Choose Us


Local and in your Neighborhood, There when you need us and available to work around your schedule.


We are not about nickle and dimeing you with fee's here and fees' there. You will get a fair quote for the task at hand and given the tools to succeed.


Secure, Fast, and Trustworthy! We like to think that sums us up. We try our best to Secure your data, respond Quickly to your questions and keep your information confidential.